Promoting sustainable farming practices for years to come.

ViviGro is a leader in soil restoration & eco-friendly, biodegradable fertilizer blends suitable for reducing emissions, improving production & practicing sustainable farming.

Try the ViviGro program for yourself & experience results that can take your farming practices to the next level. Our broad network of distributors makes it easy for any farmer to become a part of our program. Help make the world a better place while you reap the benefits of new, nutrient-enriched, healthy soils.

We have a solution for everyone.

"If we want the next generation to farm, we have to change something."

- Danny Wurz, Farm Manager, Sunny Dale Colony

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support farmers in accelerating their transition to sustainable farming
practices to improve soil health and food quality.

Our Vision

We envision a world where farming is in harmony with nature.

By 2028, we will:

Be recognized as THE EXPERTS in soil health.

Establish our brand as a sustainable alternative for farming.

Achieve financial stability for large scale expansion.

Our Unique Values

Our products are heavily natural based, free of fillers, customizable and offer multiple benefits.

We provide solutions that realign soil health, are capable of producing the highest grade of food, and minimize dependence on synthetic inputs.

Our dedicated customer service caters to the specific needs of our clients.

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Earth Day 2021

Join ViviGro today as we celebrate the world’s 51st Earth Day. This year’s theme, “Restore our Earth” reminds us we all need a healthy earth to support our health and survival. ViviGro promotes sustainable farming practices. As a company our primary goal is to build your soil’s natural fertility and help you minimize or eliminate the use of noxious chemicals from your growing systems.

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