ViviGro is a leader in soil health and restoration. We manufacture eco-friendly, biodegradable fertilizer blends made to reducing emissions, improving
production, and practicing sustainable farming.

Try the ViviGro program for yourself & experience results that can take your farming practices to the next level. Help make the world a better place while you reap the benefits of new, nutrient-enriched, healthy soils.

Healthy Soil. Healthy Crops. Healthy Future.


We’ve developed 4 new crop starter blends for any condition your soil may be in. They are formulated to provide your crops with the perfect blend of nutrients they need right from the start. 

General Starter 10-32-7

Low pH Starter 10-30-7

High pH Starter 9-32-6

High S Starter 10-31-6

Our Mission

Our mission is to support farmers in accelerating their transition to sustainable farming practices to improve soil health and food quality. 

Our Vision

We envision a world where farming is in harmony with nature. By 2028 we will:

  • Be recognized as THE EXPERTS in soil health.
  • Establish our brand as a sustainable alternative for farming. 
  • Achieve financial stability for large scale expansion. 

Our Unique Values

Our products are heavily natural based, free of fillers, customizable and offer multiple benefits. 

We provide solutions that realign soil health, are capable of producing the highest grade of food, and minimize dependence on synthetic inputs. 

Our dedicated customer service caters to the specific need of our clients. 

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Financing Options


  • Lines of Credit up to $50,000 are unsecured 
  • No customer financial information required for credit limit requests less than $500,000
  • Repayment dates as long as 18 months, allowing customers to maximize crop-marketing opportunities
  • Payments are not required during the growing season
  • Fall Purchase Programs- enables customers with available credit to finance their crop inputs beginning September 1st 
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  • Payments scheduled around your cash flow allowing you up to 18 months to pay
  • Match your operation’s cash flow, allowing you to market your harvest at the best price possible before an annual payment is due
  • Purchases after September 1st are not due until March 15th of the following year
  • Finance up to 100% of your input purchase with a dedicated loan tied to your local retailer 
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