= May be permissible for use in Organic Agriculture. Users must consult their certifying body prior to use.

Product Type: Granular Straight 

Sulphur is key element and 4th major nutrient in plant nutrition, its deficiency can lead to yield losses. It also plays an important role in building plant’s immune system. Sulphur also aids in regulating soil pH in high pH conditions. It helps in improving heavy clay soil structure. Its core constituent i.e., elemental Sulphur has unique combination of exceptional degradability with very less quantity of fines. Being degradable, it is a recommended plant nutrient fertilizer. Presence of humic acid in Black Sulphur 80 aid natural conversion of elemental sulfur to available sulfates. It helps in long term management of Sulphur deficient soil. Sulphur promotes efficient absorption and metabolism of NPK and is required for synthetic and catalytic plant reactions. This results in enhanced agronomic performance.

Suggested Application Rates and Method

  • Use in accordance with the recommendations of a qualified individual or institution or according to an approved nutrient management plan.
  • Usage should be based on soil test and crop removal rates of sulphur.
  • Large Scale Operations: Use 100-200 pounds per acre based on soil analysis
  • Small Scale Operations: Use 0.75-1.0 pounds per 100 square feet based on soil analysis.
  • Crops like oil seeds and legumes require early-season sulphur application specially in sulphur deficient soils.
  • Product can be applied alone or blended with other fertilizers.
  • For general use in commercial application use 100-150lbs/acre, every 3-4 years.

Special Notes

Consult a professional agriculture agronomist for long term management planning or contact our office for specific applications as needed.

Precautionary Statements

Warning: May be harmful if swallowed. Causes skin irritation. May form combustible dust concentrations in air. Practice good housekeeping to prevent dust settling on surfaces in enclosed areas. Wear protective gloves, clothing, and or eyewear. Wash face, hands, and any exposed skin after handling.

Storage & Disposal

Store in its original package. Dust control agent should be applied during load out. Keep in a cool dry place, out of reach of children and livestock. Dispose of contents in accordance with all applicable local, provincial, and federal regulations.