Product Type: Specialized Treatment 

COMMERCIAL FALL BELEND + MICROBES has a full range of major secondary micronutrients to fulfil all requirements of the winter months. Additionally, it has a wide range of trace minerals from naturally occurring sources which completes the crop’s entire nutritional profile. It also feeds the soil microbes. It is designed to fix organic matter, pH, Cation Exchange Capacity, Electrical Conductivity (salt) & other structural and non-structural conditions to ensure a healthy soil in spring of the following year which maximizes nutrient uptake during growth.

Suggested Application Rates & Method

  •  Use between 150-500 lbs/acre, depending on the health of the soil and recommendations of an agrologist.

Precautionary Statement

Keep out of reach of children and animals. Wear protective clothing and equipment when handling the product. Avoid inhalation of spray and dust.

Storage & Disposal

Store in its original package in a cool and dry place, away from reach of children and animals. Follow directions for fertilizer storage and disposal as per local guidelines, provincial, and federal regulations.