Join ViviGro today as we celebrate the world’s 51st Earth Day. This year’s theme, “Restore our Earth” reminds us we all need a healthy earth to support our health and survival. The following key environmental issues greatly affect the health of our air, soil, and water.

  • Climate Change – The concentration of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere is currently at 416 parts per million (ppm) and rising. Over the past 171 years, human activities have raised atmospheric concentrations of CO2 by 48% above pre-industrial levels found in 1850. Climate change can cause new patterns of pests and diseases to emerge, affecting plants, animals, and humans, and posing new risks for food security, food safety and human health.
  • Marine Debris – Our oceans are filled with plastic marine debris from beverage bottles to Microplastics, plastic pieces smaller than 5 mm  found in personal care products. They pass unchanged through waterways into the ocean. Aquatic life and birds can mistake microplastics for food. Remember to dispose and recycle waste properly to help keep plastics out of our oceans.
  • Heavy Metals – Heavy metal pollution is a serious global environmental problem as it affects plant growth and genetic variation. Heavy metals are among one of the major pollutants in wetland habitats as they spread into the water through the sediments and are able to enter the food chain of an aquatic ecosystem.
  • Pesticide Residue – There are more than 1000 pesticides used around the world to ensure food is not damaged or destroyed by pests. The most at-risk population are the people who are directly exposed to pesticides, such as agricultural workers who apply pesticides. The general population is exposed to lower levels of pesticide residues through food and water. The toxic effects of pesticides on humans and the environment are a continuing concern. 
Promoting Sustainable Farming Practices


ViviGro offers a smart selection of both organic and organic based products designed to fulfill all nutritional and supplemental needs of your crops with maximum return, keeping you and your environment’s safety as a core value. As a company our primary goal is to build your soil’s natural fertility and help you minimize or eliminate the use of noxious chemical from your growing systems. Farming with harsh chemicals is not only detrimental for our healthy but also creates havoc on the soil’s natural fertility. Intensive chemical gardening or farming often completely ignores the role of nature and tends to override nature’s balance and provide a short-term gain with long term repercussions. These negative effects leave soils sick and incapable of building active organic matter and natural defense mechanisms. Minerals get tied up and crops become more prone to chemical inputs for survival. Let us build our soils for our health as well as our planet’s health using natural and safe products, for collective long-term gains and healthier soils. With organic and sustainable farming, we can take care of our bodies and do our part to keep the planet healthy for future generations.