Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Delivery

What is the process for shipping and ordering? 

All orders should be placed with Customer Service or our Sales Representatives. 

Prices are quoted FOB product location determined at time of sale. Clients may request ViviGro to arrange delivery and cost will be added to client’s invoice. 

How are shipping rates calculated? 

Shipping rates charged are actual and determined at time of booking with available trucking companies. 

What are your shipping options? 


Liquids: 20L Jug, 205L Barrel, and 1000L IBC Tote. 

Granular: 20kg Bag, 25kg Bag, 1000-1100kg Mini Bulk Bag, and Bulk Truck. 

Returns & Refunds

What is your return and refund policy? 

Any returns are on an advanced approval basis only and will be subject to a restocking fee of 15%.  

Returns will only be considered if the product and packaging is in good condition, packaging is un-opened, and goods are returned within 1 month of purchase date.  Final authorization for returns rests with the supplier.


Terms & Conditions

What are your terms for buyers? 

1) If Buyer fails to pick up The Goods on or before this date, Seller may at its sole discretion: (a) extend the “Shipping End Date” and adjust the price to current market price; or (b) terminate this Agreement at the end of the “Shipping End Date”. In case a prepayment has been made by the Buyer, Seller will provide a credit note to Buyer to be used in future purchases at market prices.

2) Buyer will be deemed to have accepted the Goods unless it notifies Seller in writing of any Non-Conforming Goods within 7 days of receiving The Goods. “Non-Conforming Goods” means only the following: (i) product shipped is different than identified in this Agreement; or (ii) product’s label or packaging incorrectly identifies its contents.

3) Buyer shall pay all invoiced amounts due on receipt from the date of Seller’s invoice, unless agreed differently by the Parties and clearly stated in the Sales Order/Contract. Buyer shall make all payments hereunder by immediately available funds and in Canadian dollars. Buyer shall pay interest on all late payments at the lesser of the rate of 21% per annum, or, if lower, the highest rate permitted under applicable law. Buyer shall reimburse Seller for all costs incurred in collecting any late payments, including, without limitation, legal fees on a solicitor-client basis or collection agency fees.

4)  ** Pricing subject to change if goods are picked up beyond the last ship end date. ** Custom Blend products picked up beyond the last ship end date is subject to minimum $15.00/MT for market price and/or storage adjustment.

General Information

From where do you operate? 

Head office located in Saskatoon.  Production Plant is located in Ruthilda, SK, with distributing warehouses in Abby, SK, Camrose, AB, Taber, AB, and Elie, MB.  

How do I get in touch with customer service for any other questions? 

Christy Domapias: Office: 306-986-6515 ext 114 / Cel: 306-292-8770

Roy Taylor – Product Specialist: Office: 306-986-6514 ext 113 / Cel: 306-371-4694

Where can I get a copy of the Foliar Application Guide?