Product Type: Specialized Treatment 

The application of this GENERAL COMMERCIAL AMENDMENT offers a range of benefits to improve soil quality. In sandy soils, it enhances CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity), promoting better nutrient retention and availability, while in heavy soils, it helps to balance their composition. Additionally, it serves as a significant source of organic matter, enriching the soil’s structure and fertility. By inducing microbial activity, it fosters a healthier soil ecosystem. This amendment also plays a crucial role in pH management, lowering acidity in overly acidic soils and restoring balance in high pH soils. It aids in root development, promoting stronger and more extensive root systems. While it can be applied at any time, fall treatment is particularly advantageous as it prepares the soil for spring planting. Furthermore, it contributes to breaking compaction and enhancing aeration in the lower soil layers, ultimately fostering optimal conditions for plant growth.

Suggested Application Rates & Method

  • 100/300 lbs/acre depending on requirements and recommendations of an agrologist.
  • Weak soils: 150-200 lbs/acre
  • Very weak soils: 200-300 lbs/acre

Precautionary Statement

Keep out of reach of children and animals. Wear protective clothing and equipment when handling the product. Avoid inhalation of spray and dust.

Storage & Disposal

Store in its original package in a cool and dry place, away from reach of children and animals. Follow directions for fertilizer storage and disposal as per local guidelines, provincial, and federal regulations.