General Recommendations for Berries
  1. DRENCH – For all Berry Crops

a. 8-10 L Humic per acre +

b. 1-2 kg Water soluble starter (5-40-5-6S+Micros) +

c. 1-2 kg SOP 0-0-52-18S/ per acre +

d. For mature crops b and c combined can be up to 3-4 kg applied on soil as a heavy drench. For younger crops or new plantations b and c should be 2-3 kg per acre as a heavy drench on soil.

e. Liquid Humic must be kept at 8-10 L per acre regardless of age of crop.

f. Use a minimum of 100 gallons of total solution per acre in dry soils. In case of moist soils or rain adjust solution as needed.


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