HUMI-PRO is a highly specialized fertilizer/ amendment designed to boost fertility in impoverished soil conditions. HUMI-PRO is suitable for use on all types of crops for stronger rooting and growth, as it naturally forces soil to form aggregates and increases nutrient and moisture retention. It can be used as a strong rooting product for all large-scale commercial row crops, vegetable farming, lawns, and orchards as well. 

HUMI-PRO is made from blending high quality organic ores which are naturally existing and are unaltered from their original form. Given its very wide array of naturally occurring rare minerals and nutrients, it is also ideal for use as a strong rooting companion for the propagation of seedlings. Its unique formulation provides high energy to rooting and building microbial life in soil from the very start.

Granular NPK Blend
Dry Granular Fertilizer and Amendment for Organic Horticultural and Agricultural Use. Humic Acid Derivatives and Mined Minerals based Soil Amendment to Boost Organic Matter and CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) of Soils. Also effective in regulating pH in troubled soils especially in soils with higher pH.


Due to its highly reactive nature with fertilizer blends, its best to apply it by mixing it with fertilizer just before actual application of the mix.

  • It is best to apply HUMI-PRO by mixing it evenly with GARDEN MASTER or ORGANIC-PRO and then spread evenly in the root zone especially at sowing/transplanting stages.
  • Check compatibility with other products before using, to avoid any reaction.
  • Consult an agronomist or crop consultant for best advice based on local farm conditions.
25 kg, 1000 kg