HUMIC 65 WS 0-0-8

= May be permissible for use in Organic Agriculture. Users must consult their certifying body prior to use.

Humic 65 WS is an ideal source to induce carbon in a free state through irrigation given its high-water soluble nature. It can be easily solubilized and injected with water or fertilizer solution after testing compatibility. Its use is effective in low organic matter conditions where drip, pivot or other forms of irrigation is used. Its application simulates high organic matter conditions, which promote microbial buildup leading to higher fertilizer use efficiency. Its regular use improves overall soil conditions.

Product Type: Water Soluble 

Suggested Application Rates & Method

  • Use 1/2-2 kg/acre depending on pivot/drip application and application frequency. Typically, 3-4 applications are required per acre, in each crop growing season.
  • In greenhouse or drip irrigation, use at 1:3000 to 1:5000 dilution rate on a continuous basis OR in a single application use ¾-1 kg/acre from a separate tank 5 -10 times per season.

Special Notes

  • Use in accordance with the recommendations of a qualified individual or institution or according to an approved nutrient management plan. Rate variations should be considered as result of soil conditions. Soil tests should be completed first to apply the correct rate for agronomic conditions.
  • Ideally suited for addition with granular fertilizers.
  • Check compatibility before mixing with other products.
  • Not designed for foliar applications.

Precautionary Statement

Avoid breathing dust. Powder may cause irritation to respiratory tract. Powder may cause irritation to eye. Wear protective gloves, eye or face protection, and protective clothing. Wash hands thoroughly after handling

Storage & Disposal

Store in original package. Keep in a cool dry place, out of reach of children and livestock. Dispose of contents in accordance with all applicable local, provincial, and federal regulations.