The ViviGro Team
Yasir Syed
President & CEO/Founder
As ViviGro’s President and CEO/Founder, Yasir creates, plans, and implements the strategic direction of ViviGro’s development. He is responsible for sales, growth, trends, and projections of the company. He works closely with farmers and agronomists to support their entire farming cycle. His lifelong commitment to sustainability in agriculture and promotion of soil health is a key feature in ViviGro's mission.
Juan Godinez
As Chief Financial Officer, Juan is responsible for providing leadership, direction and management of the finance team. He manages the processes for financial forecasting and budgets, oversees the preparation of all financial reporting and advises on long-term business and financial planning. He’s also responsible for maintaining key relationships with our financial partners. Juan works closely with the CEO in implementing key strategic decision for larger corporate objectives.
Barb Duperreault
General Manager Administration
As the General Manager Administration, Barb works closely with the CEO to coordinate business operations, market developments, expansions, and targets. She is responsible for overseeing logistics, invoicing sales, and purchase orders. She manages administration, ensures good customer service, engages with vendors, as well as hiring and training employees.
David Hofer
Plant Manager
David oversees the daily operations of the plant production and manufacturing which includes coordinating/receiving inbound products and the blending of outbound products. David is also involved in design, efficiency, and automation related projects of our production facility.
Scott Harvey
Financial Controller
As Financial Controller, Scott oversees the daily accounting, financial operations and reporting functions of ViviGro. He ensures financial reporting information is timely and accurate, works with external auditors and uses his data analysis skills to provide value and insight to the management team. Scott also maintains the security and integrity of ViviGro’s reporting/information systems, and internal control environment.
Stacey Duperreault
Purchasing & Logistics
Stacey manages our logistics supply chain. She is responsible for the invoicing of outbound traffic, purchase contracts, shipping schedules, import and export documentation, as well as inventory control and logistics, all while ensuring adherence to corporate objectives.
Taimoor Syed
Marketing Manager
As the manager of our marketing department, Taimoor is in charge of the organization's short and long-term marketing strategy. Working closely with ViviGro's partner companies, he develops, implements, and executes strategic marketing plans that maintain and develop the representation of ViviGro, Old Plow Naturals, and Ropana Grower Solutions.
Brianna Schreiner
Office Management & Administrative Accounting Clerk
Brianna is responsible for the Office Administration including Reception and/or Customer Service along with routine office matters. She works with our accounting department as the AP & AR Data Entry Clerk. In addition, she works closely with our Regulatory department printing company wide product labels and administrating our A&L Laboratory Testing Program for our customers. 
Don Hofer
Liquid Formulation & Quality Control
Don works closely with the CEO to conduct research to develop new liquid formulations and processes for fertilizer blends. He is responsible for the development and implementation of quality control processes at the manufacturing plant. ensuring our blends are of the highest quality and meet all ViviGro and industry standards is his specialty.
Sarita Jaiswal (PhD)
Research & Regulatory Specialist
Sarita provides regulatory guidance and input to R&D, Quality, Operations, Supply, Sales and Marketing teams and acts as liaison to CFIA Fertilizer Safety Section and various Organic Certifying Bodies.
Mary Godinez
Sales & Administration
As part of Sales & Administration, Mary’s priority is to be in contact with clients and meet their needs by sending invoices and, if necessary, the application of financial charges. Administratively, she keeps track of office workers, salaries, vacations, and personal days.
Angela Polit
Inventory Control
As part of Inventory Control, Angela is responsible for the consolidation of inventory numbers, providing cost analyses
for blends, forecasting demands based on inventory analyses, as well as doing a physical inventory count every quarter.
Karissa Kralkay
Marketing Coordinator
Karissa prepares marketing strategies and objectives to implement advertising campaigns by analyzing market research. By evaluating current trends, she helps maintain and strengthen ViviGro’s overall brand through all media avenues.
Roy Taylor
Product Specialist
Roy works behind the scenes in the development of new and existing products, while collaborating with our team, growers, producers, and farmers to achieve nutritious soils that produce healthy, high-yielding crops.
Tolulope Tijani
Quality & Research Assistant

Tolu works closely with our Research & Regulatory Specialist, Sarita, in product formulation. Her workload includes analyzing and testing raw materials, product testing, and creating product labels while ensuring adherence to standard operating procedures and CFIA rules.

Christy Domapias
Customer Service
Christy works directly with customers to issue and coordinate sales orders, follow up on signed contracts, check shipment status, complete invoices, and complete payment collections. In addition, she helps to maintain document management within the organization.