Yasir Syed
Meet the Founder of ViviGro Sustainable Solutions

Yasir Syed was born and raised in Pakistan where he spent the majority of his time on his family-owned dairy and beef ranch. This ranch was in a very remote rural area in a small village; there was no power, paved roads or any facilities. The ranch ran strictly on a self-sustained basis. As pioneers to the region, they introduced the first bio-gas plant, the first large-scale wind-row composting facility, and a liquid waste management system that converted waste into available nutrition for crops, which was later applied through fertigation and broadcast application. 

The ranch introduced foreign breeds of beef and dairy cattle and produced hybrid cattle according to regional requirements. Yasir’s ranch created innovative ways of producing the maximum biomass of forage for larger animal holdings on a limited land mass. They also introduced tile drainage to reclaim extremely saline and alkaline soils, turning unproductive and unusable lands into cultivable land, producing high end forage crops. These initiatives created employment and also attracted a lot of attention from both public and non-public forums.

Following his move to Canada in the early 2000s, Yasir recognized that sustainable farming was not being practiced to its full potential. For many years, he intensively studied and observed different behaviours and patterns in the soil around various parts of Canada. Combining the utilization of powerful amendments with scientific and holistic practices, our products restores soil in ways that are unseen across the industry. Moreover, they reduce harmful emissions and minimize the use of dangerous pesticides, resulting in a safer, cleaner environment. 

He believes his practices will change how the world sees soil health and its surrounding environment. The atypical processes and formulations he developed are the anchor of the ViviGro brand. He has perfected his processes and decided to share his unique formulations with the world through a company now well-known as ViviGro Sustainable Solutions Ltd.