Product Type: Specialty NPK Blend 

NURSERY MASTER is a slow-release fertilizer for use on nurseries of trees and shrub in open field. Nursery Master is designed for soil application and application in soilless mediums is not recommended. 

Suggested Application Rates & Method

For best results use NURSERY MASTER as described below:

  • 50-75 kg per acre of Nursery Master, depending on row spacing and age of crop. Repeat 2-3 times during the season at 45-50 days interval.
  • For best results, use 1 part of Nursery Master with 1 part of ViviGro’s Carbon 60, especially when dealing with young nursery. Combining
    these two products create perfect growing conditions and can maximize vigor.

Special Notes

  • Not intended for application to soilless mediums.
  • Consult an agronomist or crop consultant for best advice based on local farm conditions. 

Storage & Disposal

Store in its original package in a cool and dry place, away from reach of children and animals. Follow directions for fertilizer storage and disposal as per local guidelines, provincial, and federal regulations.

Precautionary Statement

Keep out of reach of children, pets, and livestock. Wear protective clothing and equipment when handling the product. Take precautions to minimize dust during handling and practice good housekeeping to prevent dust from settling on surfaces. Wash skin thoroughly after handling.