P-BOOST 0-12-0 is a fertilizer for use on all types of legumes for stronger nodulation and rooting. However, it can also be used as a strong rooting product for all cereals, oilseed crops, vegetable, and fruit crops. The product is made from the highest quality ores which are naturally existing, in their unaltered and original form. Due to its high content of naturally available Phosphorus and Calcium, P-BOOST 0-12-0 is ideal for use on seedlings and root crops as a strong rooting companion. Its unique formulation provides high energy for rooting and early crop establishment. It also helps to build the soil structure by feeding its microbial life very aggressively. It also contains a wide range of natural trace minerals which play a role in feeding the soil’s microbial life. Similarly, to any other ViviGro product, P-BOOST is free from any fillers.
Granular Straight
Naturally mined Phosphate based Fertilizer.


  • It is recommended to combine P-Boost 0-12-0 with Garden Master 16-10-3 or Organic-Pro 8-3-3 by mixing it evenly and spreading it evenly in the root zone, especially at sowing and transplanting.
  • Check compatibility with other products before application, to avoid any reaction.
  • Consult an agronomist or crop consultant for best advice based on local farm conditions.