Product Type: Specialized Treatment 

PIT TREATMENT is designed to build a strong microbial base in pits for maintaining an aggressive aerobic environment in sewage pits and lagoons. It fulfills energy requirements of microbes, enabling them to continue decomposition and breakdown fiber into essential minerals. Periodic feeding of lagoons and pits will enhance the decomposition process, leading to non-coagulation and increased flowability of decomposed biomass. Also, biomass extracted with treated materials, delivers full array of nutrients to crops when applied in fields. Major reduction in odor, good flowability, up to 80% reduction in use of water to clean pits & rooms, etc. are key advantages of using our PIT TREATMENT A and B products.

Suggested Application Rates & Method

Do not try to mix PIT TREATMENT A and B in one solution, apply them separately but at the same time. Do not try to dissolve or mix A and B together, simply broadcast PIT TREATMENT B evenly and then pour PIT TREATMENT A evenly at as many points as you can using an equal quantity of water as carrier, if needed. For PTA, use a pail to draw from shuttle. For best results, use PTA and PTB combination as prescribed below:

  • For dairy pits of 1500-2500 ft3 (40-70 m3), in the first month apply 20 L of A and 25 kg of B simultaneously in the pit after draining. After the first 2-3 applications, apply PTA and PTB biweekly. In case of more frequent emptying out, use 5-6 kg/L of each after each drain.
  • Ensure that pits are emptied first before adding PTA and PTB.
  • In case there are several pits connected and feeding the lagoon or a main pit, split the doses of both A and B and apply the split the doses of both A and B and apply the split dose in each pit. However, add a slightly higher dose in the farthest pit to ensure uniformity in the entire system.
  • If pits have excessive solids, rinsing the pits may help before adding the treatments.

In case there are more solids, increase the dose as needed. Products are non-toxic and overuse in extreme cases will not hurt.

Precautionary Statement

Keep out of reach of children and animals. Wear protective clothing and equipment when handling the product. Products are concentrated, avoid contact with eyes and skin. Avoid inhalation of spray and dust.