Product Type: Liquid Fish Fertilizer

This product is recommended for all types of indoor and outdoor crops via fertigation, drench, and foliar applications. It can be easily injected in drip lines after dilution at desired EC/ppm levels without any risk of residue. POSEIDON 3-1-2 can also be used as an amendment for improving soil conditions. It can also be used in seed treatments and foliar applications. Follow instructions for maximum benefit.

Suggested Application Rates & Method

Use in accordance with the recommendations of a qualified individual or institution or according to an approved nutrient management plan.

  • Various Berry Crops: 5-10 L/acre via drip or drench. Apply 6-10 times per crop season.
  • Orchards: 10-15 L/acre depending on age and stage. Apply 2-3 times using higher doses in combination with organic granular fertilizers like NPK 8-3-3, 7-4-1, 9-2-1 or similar blends.
  • Mature Orchards: Double the dose and apply up to 20 L/acre
  • General Greenhouse: 5-10 L/acre/day with at least 1-2 irrigations as main liquid feed or run an EC based system depending on substrate and drain needs. Use dry granular NPK 8-3-3, 7-4-1, 9-2-1 or similar blends as top-dress.
  • General open field drip or drench in vegetables: 5-10 L/acre. Apply 1-2 times/week.
  • To Enrich Substrate: 0.75-1 L/yd3 as a spray thoroughly blended with 2kg (4.4lb) /yd3 of a granular fertilizer NPK 8-3-3, or similar.
  • Foliar applications: 20-30 ml/L using a sprayer or 1:4-5 in a fog.
  • Cereals, Legumes, Oilseeds, Forage Crops: Apply 5-6 L/acre.
  • For use in-furrow as a booster for root development: Apply 1.5-3 gal/acre.
  • For seed treatment: Apply 75-80 ml/bushel with needed water.
  • As a Compost Activator: 1-1.5 L/yd3 blended with 1 kg (2.2 lb.) /yd3 of a granular fertilizer NPK 8-3-3, 7-4-1, 9-2-1 or similar.
  • For general home and garden: Dilute 15-20 ml/L of water

Special Notes

  • Product may settle.
  • If used in nutrient tanks, keep the solution aerated or agitated.
  • Run a small rinse cycle after using any organic liquid in drip or spray tanks.
  • Check compatibility before combining with other products.
  • Not suitable for drip application as it may clog lines.
  • If the water supply is above neutral (pH 7.0); the diluted solution may thicken and impact the application method (irrigation system). Please conduct a jar test prior to use.
  • Soak root zone well for maximum benefit and avoid watering after drench/drip application to avoid runoff.
  • Do not store diluted material in a sealed container, or in irrigation or drip systems. Microbial growth will occur that can cause odor, gassing, clogging of irrigation systems and render the product ineffective.

Precautionary Statement

This product contains fish. Adverse reactions may occur in sensitive persons. If allergic reaction occurs, seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Wear protective clothing and equipment when handling the product.

Storage & Disposal

Keep in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, and beyond the reach of children, pets, and livestock. Follow directions for fertilizer storage as per local guidelines. Recycle the package in accordance with local, provincial, and federal regulations.