= May be permissible for use in Organic Agriculture. Users must consult their certifying body prior to use.

Product Type: Specialized Treatment 

SEED START B provides natural sources of micronized minerals and trace elements. It is to be used with its companion product – SEED START A. Blend the two products as directed with all different kinds of seeds for improved germination, and for an earlier and more robust root establishment. It also aids in storability and acts as a strong anti-caking product for long term storage. SEED START A and B can be applied with other seed treatments without any interference for storage, however, check compatibility before use.

Suggested Application Rates & Method

Apply Seed Start B on seeds pre-treated with Seed Start A by gradually adding it manually or mechanically. Blend in an aggressive mixer for 6-8 minutes to ensure uniform coating and absorption. Due to its fine micronized form, Seed Start B will either be absorbed into the seed surface or will stick to seed surface with the help of Seed Start A. Use the following rates depending on the seed:

  • Large cereals and oil seeds: 0.5-1 Lb/ bushel (8-17 g/kg)
  • Small cereals and oil seeds: 0.5-0.75 Lb/ bushel (8-13 g/kg)
  • Peas and other legumes: 0.25- 0.5 Lb/ bushel (4.5-9 g/kg)
  • Vegetables: 12-15 g/kg

Special Notes

  • Use in accordance with the recommendations of a qualified individual or institution or according to an approved nutrient management plan.
  • Ensure the seed is dry before storage and there is sufficient aeration in the storage.
  • Rinse the tanks after use.
  • Check compatibility before use with other treatments.

Precautionary Statement

Use methods to minimize generation of dust. Routine housekeeping should be instituted to ensure that dusts do not accumulate on surfaces. May cause skin irritation. Wear personal protective clothing and equipment. Wash thoroughly after handling. Keep out of reach of children and animals.