A Few Testimonials...

While everyone else was spraying, we were watching our crop grow.

I am now a believer that the ViviGro products we are using are building soil structure. We were heavily dependent on Nitrogen stabilizers, seed treatments and inoculants.

I really believe these products work. They are making us sustainable and they are the products to use for the future.

The more pesticides, insecticides and seed treatments we used, the more disease we had. Four years ago we started the ViviGro program.

Our soil samples were really depleted and we needed to find a way to build our soils. If we want the next generation to farm we have to change something. Last year we never used a pesticide or fungicide on our crops. Our fertility program was enough to keep the plant healthy.

Every year we can see the soil improving. Even in the heat of day, if you dig up a plant, there is lots of moisture around the roots. We have a more uniform crop, a bigger root system and the crop is more mature at harvest.