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Consult a ViviGro specialist for the best advice regarding the use of ViviGro products. We design affordable and effective packages for your growing needs.
ViviGro offers a unique and extremely potent line of farming products which are aimed to build soil and minimize dependence on synthetics some of which can be harmful for soil’s health. We offer a smart selection of both organic and organic based products designed to fulfill all nutritional / supplemental needs of your crops withmaximum efficiency and return. Sustainable Program uses a variety of products created by using highest technology and ingredients available in industry. This program is designed to offer you highest levels of production with maximum overall quality and be within affordable input costs. The program is aimed at building soils for a long-term sustainable production. Unlike other conventional programs, ViviGro’s Sustainable Program is centered at building soils and increasing crops natural immune building mechanisms through use of a wide array of nutrients and supplements which are key ingredients of the sustainable products.

Step 1 – Seed Treatment

For each bushel of seed use 2-3 oz of Seed Start A and use 150-250 gm of Seed Start B. Apply Seed Start A with needed quantity of water to make the seeds moist. On moist seeds, apply Seed Start B, mix till seeds are completely coated. Use only needed quantity of water to lightly dampen the seeds. Once treated seed are dried, store them as needed. Good long and gentle working of products on seeds is key to getting a good uniform coat. General recommended time is 5-7 minutes per batch in a rotary blender as instructed in steps above.


Use of Seed Start A & B:

1. Gives a jump start to rooting and uniform emergence, typically 5-7 days can be saved in achieving crop uniformity at early stages vs. untreated seeds.

2. Creates a rich zone of non-corrosive nutrients & supplements around the seeds which despite less than favourable conditions in soils, provides the cushion to crops to go in an optimal growth mode from early stages of germination.

3. Pushes the roots in to optimum depths within the first three weeks of germination.

4. Are compatible with other product applications as may be needed.

5. A healthy root system and a robust start are fundamental to a good crop. Use of Seed Start A & B aims to deliver this function.

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ViviGro’s Sustainable Program & Key Products:

 = Organic product


Step 1 – Seed Treatment

a. Seed Start A   1-0-4 + TE

b. Seed Start B   0-0-3 + 3 Ca + T


Step 2 – Starter Fertilizers

a. Smart Start 3-33-3- 5S-10Ca+1% combined TE

b. P-Boost 0-12-0-24Ca-TE 

c. Carbon – 60 HUMIC ACID 

d. Liquid Starter 5-25-5+ 0.75 % TE


Step 3 – Nitrogen Treatment

a. N-Hance A (liquid oil based) 

b. N-Hance B (fine micronized powder) 


Step 4 – Foliar Boost

a. Prairie Pride A 1-3-2+TE

b. Prairie Pride B 10-40-5+4S +0.75TE

c. Prairie Pride C 8-0-20 -7% micros

d. Cal-High 0-0-0-6Ca

e. Absorb 1-0-0