About ViviGro

Who Are We?

ViviGro Sustainable Solutions Ltd. is a leader in soil health and eco-friendly, biodegradable fertilizers that cater to the entire agricultural community. After years of experimental trials and detailed research, we have come up with the perfect solution for soils and crops across Canada. We take pride in offering solutions that rebuild soils for optimal long-term health at the best prices available in the market. 

Where Are We?

ViviGro headquarters are based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, accompanied by our advanced blending facility close by in Springwater, Saskatchewan. With warehouses in Saskatchewan and British Columbia, and an efficient distribution network across Canada, we can ensure a seamless delivery of our products and services throughout the nation. 

Why Is Our Program Right For You?

Through serving roughly 1 million acres of commercial farmland, all with their own unique programs, we can comfortably say we understand no single program can possibly fit the needs of every farmer. For this reason, we formulate customized solutions that fit the goals of each and every farm that works with us. Using a customized blend mixed with specialty ingredients alongside our unique concepts and soil building expertise, we can serve all clients, big or small, while educating them in the process.  

Our Vision

We envision a world where farming is in harmony with nature. 

By 2028, we will: 
Be recognized as THE EXPERTS in soil health. 
Establish our brand as a sustainable alternative for farming. 
Achieve financial stability for large scale expansion.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support farmers in accelerating their transition to sustainable farming practices to improve soil health and food quality. 

How Are We Unique?

Our Unique Value Propositions:

Our products are heavily natural based, free of fillers, customizable and offer multiple benefits.

We provide solutions that realign soil health, are capable of producing the highest grade of food, and minimize dependence on synthetic inputs.

Our dedicated customer service caters to the specific needs of our clients.