Our story

ViviGro Sustainable Solutions Ltd. was founded in 2018, and our headquarters is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Our blending facility is in Springwater, Saskatchewan, and we have one warehouse in Abbey, SK. and another in Abbotsford, BC. We also have a network of distributors that carry our products from Ontario to Victoria Island. ViviGro’s vision is a World where farming practices are sustainable, for instance a farm with minimal use of synthetic pesticides or products which can cause ecological imbalance. Our mission is to help farmers achieve environmental sustainability in their farming practices while improving their profitability and the quality of their products. We believe in addressing the root cause of any problem than providing a temporary solution.
ViviGro works with farmers and producers to improve the natural fertility of their soils, reduce the need for synthetic inputs, and produce more nutritious produce for the world. ViviGro focuses on problem-solving by educating farmers about soil health and providing customized solutions based on soil health. Based on the soil needs, ViviGro adds nutrients and supplements in their blends from a variety of sources to produce most beneficial outcomes their blends. We cater to more than 750,000 acres of farmland with customized solutions to blend sustainable and organic fertilizers and amendments based on soil and crop needs. We provide innovative solutions to farmers growing large-scale crops like cereals, oilseeds, forage, and legume crops. We are also actively engaged in smaller markets focusing on vegetables, hobby farms, greenhouses, nurseries.
ViviGro has unique concepts, specialty ingredients, heavy focus on the environment, fast turnaround, ability to cater to small and large setups and affordability, education about soil health and how to revive it. ViviGro products are easy to use, all essential features contributing to our success. ViviGro believes that every action it takes is governed by environmental stewardship.
ViviGro adds value to farming operations through the core values of Environment, Health, Education, Trust, Respect, Excellence and Social Responsibility. We have seen a substantial reduction in farm inputs by repairing natural forces for long-term and permanent soil health. By using our innovative solutions and products, the farmer gets the satisfaction of doing extraordinary to save the environment.
ViviGro sees the following as an opportunity in modern-day farming. Environment consciousness, quest for high yielding and high-quality products, Growers using technology to track their land to gauge improvement in soil productivity and health. ViviGro has grown 40-50% year-on-year growth from its inception. 

Let’s build our soils for our health and our planet’s.  Use natural and safe products to the best we can, for collective long-term gains and healthier soils.  We have the science and tools to make it happen.